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[sticky post] Supernatural Con Adventure Masterpost

November, 2015 and I'll be travelling all the way from little ol' Perth, Western Australia to the grand ol' US of A to attend not 1 but 2 SPN cons. I'll be meeting Jared and Jensen for panels and photos and autos (OH MY!!!!!) and the rest of the amazing cast (and hopefully some crew as well), hanging out with hundreds of other fans and generally having the time of my life.

First up will be Denver Nov 5-9 and then LA the following weekend, Nov 13-15. I'm also visiting Las Vegas for the first time and hope to squeeze in a quick trip to the Grand Canyon.

So I'll be using this masterpost to keep up to date with Con and travel related things and general squeeing which I'm sure will only get louder the closer I get to flying out.

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Fic Masterpost

BB13 screw RL
Well, I've written and posted 2 fics in the Triad 'verse (and outlining/writing more) and I'm doing my first spn_j2_bigbang so I suppose a fic Masterpost will come in handy and inspire me to fill it. Pairings and warnings in multi-part fics will be updated as I add new parts.

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Better (almost) late than never!!!!

Pick a date (or two...) ask me whatever you want, fannish, RL, work, travel, pets. Anything goes.

Pick a date....Collapse )What is your earliest birthday memory? Or, if you prefer, the best.
2nd December: septembers_coda Describe your greatest moment of fannish excitement. :-)
3rd December: supernutjapan what is your favorite thing about this season?
4th December : blackrabbit42 Describe a memory involving a game from childhood.
5th December: meus_venator If you could only choose one boy (Sam, Dean, Jared or Jensen) to help you survive the Zombie apocalypse, which one would you choose and why and how would you spend Christmas together? (I stole a variation of this question from sleepypercy and loved it so much I couldn't resist asking it, can't wait to hear all the answers!) :)
6th December: desertport Pets vs potted plants: your thoughts.
7th December: thursdaysisters what kind of music do you listen to when you're writing fic?
8th December: wings128 How did you discover fandom and livejournal?
9th December frozen_delight your favourite and your least favourite Christmas tradition?
10th December: supernutjapan What holiday dessert do you enjoy?
11th December : brightly_lit How long have you been part of this fandom, and what are your favorite parts of it and/or what do you most hope to get from it?
12th December
13th December: milly_gal Do you have any wishes for the future, what do you wanna be when you grow up/ ;)
14th December
15th December - alethiometry Share your favorite holiday recipe!
16th December: elwarre Your beverage of choice for a holiday party :)
17th December -
18th December: ghyste 1 - 12, which is your most and least favourite Doctor and why
19th December: milly_gal What was your most memorable experience within fandom?
20th December
21st December: toratio Favourite childhood book, why, and if it still captures you as an adult.
22nd December:supernutjapan what holiday traditions do you have that you've carried over from your childhood?
23rd December
24th December
25th December: sailorhathor What'd ya get? :D
26th December
27th December
28th December
29th December
30th December: casey28 Any New Year resolutions? ;)
31st December: toratio what is the one thing you want to happen in 2015?

December Meme - 15th

For alethiometry :

Share your favorite holiday recipe!

As I mentioned in an earlier post for this meme, my favourite holiday deserts are Christmas pudding and brandy custard. Whilst I don't have the exact recipes my nana used, these are pretty close, including wrapping the pudding in calico, hiding silver threepenses and sixpenses (pre-decimal coins) in the pudding mixture to be found and making it weeks before Xmas to really develop the tastes and flavours, especially of the alcohol.

Christmas pudding

Brandy custard

December Meme - 13th

Playing catch up again. There are still heaps of days left if you want to ask me something. Go here to leave your question/s./

For milly_gal :

Do you have any wishes for the future, what do you wanna be when you grow up/ ;)

My wishes for the future are the usual of most people, I think. Health, happiness, to be surrounded by dear family and good friends, but not just for me but for everyone I love as well, both in RL and here in LJ-land and our amazing SPN family.

I'd also love to be financially independent, to own my own home, to not worry so much about living pay-to-pay and to be able to afford to travel to every SPN convention anywhere in the world and, ideally, to be rich enough to take a few really close fandom friends with me.

But, but I don't wanna grow up!!!!! In a lot of ways I feel very much the same as I did when I was a teenager. I still can't believe that I'll be hitting the big 5-0 in just a few years. I wonder where the last 3 or 4 decades have gone.

A little birdy told me.....

that it's septembers_coda's birthday today.  :)

Happy birthday, sweetie. Hope it's everything you wish for and that all your dreams come true.

Bring on 2015 already!!!!!

Just when I didn't think I could get any more excited about my con adventures next year , I find out that Ben Browder and Michael Shanks, 2 of my favourite actors (3rd and 4th after Jared and Jensen)  are coming to my hometown next April for OzComicCon and I just know I'm going to be spending the big bucks to have the best weekend with them, which will hopefully also include dinner with 1 or both of them.

I've had the pleasure of meeting both guys at various cons before, Ben 3 times (in LA, Sydney and Melbourne) and Michael once in Melbourne, but I'm still really excited to be getting the chance to see them again. More photos and autos and panels and I can't wait!!!! And I know I'm just going to be as giddy and nervous as I was when meeting them for the very first time.

With Ben,  this con will be extra special as I'll be getting to share it and him with my best friends, a group of amazing gals who answered my desperate pleas when I first discovered Farscape and was in need of episodes to watch. All I wrote in an Aussie yahoogroup for Farscape was "I've seen an ep and I need more. Please help!!!!!" It wasn't on air in Oz at the time, I didn't have a dvd player so they copied VCR tapes for me and sent them to my local library (2 were librarians) for me to pick up. In the decade since, we've met up every few weeks for lunch or dinner, we've travelled to the other side of the country for fan meet-ups (the best of which was TaScape '04 when they were filming PeaceKeeper Wars in Sydney. We did a double-decker bus location-filming tour, had the crew madly shutting windows when we drove past the studio where they were filming and had an amazing BBQ on the beach where a lot of scenes were filmed that was attended by lots of the crew. Unfortunately the cast (Ben, Claudia, ect weren't there) but it was still a fantastic day. So many crew were amazed that we wanted their signatures and to have photos with them. These guys were production people and set dressers and special effects crew and costumers and other behind-the-scene folks who so rarely get the recognition for all the wonderful work they do. Without them, there would have been no Farscape (and the same goes for SPN as well)

Anyways, only 2 of this group has met Ben before, so it'll be amazing to see the others get to meet him as well. And I'm hoping that some other Scapers that we haven't seen in years will make the trip from interstate so we can have a great big Scaper family reunion.

So my poor, poor credit card is going to take more torture and I'll be living off toast and vegemite for years (maybe decades) to come as I pay it off but oh boy, it is certainly going to be worth every bloody cent.

So, meeting and hugging Jared

and Jensen

and Ben

and Michael

all in one year and at 3 cons. I truly don't think I'm going to survive so much OMFG hotness and awesome and sexyness but dude, what a way to go!!!!

December Meme - 11th

banner by meus_venator

For brightly_lit :

How long have you been part of this fandom, and what are your favorite parts of it and/or what do you most hope to get from it?

Although I started watching SPN in May '09, I didn't post about it until November of that year. I mainly lurked for months, quietly reading other fans' posts but not commenting very much. It was probably when I started posting fics and ep reactions and comments (and getting feedback and comments to my own posts) that I consider the beginning of my SPN family journey. I love reading what other folks though about episodes and what is going on both in the show and with the cast and crew. More than a few recaps & reviews opened my eyes to things I had overlooked that make my near constant re-watches so much better. And I especially loved joining in all the delight and squee when I found out that there were other Sam & Jared!girls on LJ who love him just as much as I do. And that not everyone who prefers Dean dislikes or even hates Sam. I have so many wonderful Dean!girls on my f*list and I treasure you all.

My favourite part of fandom is how much of a family we are. There is so much love and support and caring for every single member every single day, even during the long, empty months of Hellatus that we endure every year. Fundraisers and charity auctions for those who are struggling to make ends meet, a (virtual) shoulder to cry on when we are down and hurting, sympathetic ears when we need to rage and rant, genuine happiness and joy when things are going well and we want to shout it out loud. I felt this last one most in the hours and days after the 200th ep aired. Don't think I've ever seen my f*list so united in agreement. The love for SPN and the Js and Sam'n'Dean was so amazing that I couldn't wait to come online and simply wallow in it all. That love is getting me through the last couple of weeks when I haven't enjoyed the eps as much as the ones earlier in the season (mainly because of how Sam & Dean-lite, but esp Sam-lite) they've been and I know it will get me through the next 6 weeks until 10x10 airs.

I love this show with all my heart and soul and no matter what happens, I will be here to the (hopefully not) bitter end and I am just so honoured to be able to share it with so many wonderful friends and fellow fans.

December Meme - 10th


banner by meus_venator

For supernutjapan :

What holiday dessert do you enjoy?

My favourite is Christmas pudding with brandy custard. The pudding has to be really loaded with fruit (raisins, sultanas, glazed cherries and pineapple, candied orange and lemon peel) and soaked for months in alcohol. My nana made the best ones I've ever tasted. She also did a fantastic trifle (layers of sponge cake, custard and jelly -- or jello, I think for my US f*listies) that was also soaked for ages in brandy and rum.

December Meme - 9th

Banner by meus_venator

For frozen_delight :

Your favourite and your least favourite Christmas tradition?

My favourite would have to be our Santa Sacks from childhood. In the early hours of Christmas morning (probably between 2-3am) mum or dad would place them on the ends of our beds. They were just pillowcases filled with lots of small, inexpensive presents, dolls and jewelry and and small books, for me, boys things for my brothers. The kind of things you'd find in $2 shops. We always pretended to be asleep and I probably did actually fall asleep a few years, when mum or dad would come in and they knew we weren't really asleep. I mean, how many kids can really sleep on Xmas eve??? The only rule was we weren't suppose to open the sacks until Sunrise. I think it was mainly a ploy by the parents to keep us occupied for just a few minutes more on X-Mas morning, giving them a little sleep in before being their bed was invaded by 3 kids all wanting to show what Santa had brought us.

Once mum and dad were awake, we were allowed to choose 1 present from under the tree to open. The rest we opened after breakfast. Then we would stuff our presents in our (now empty) Santa Sacks and head over to our neighbours to show them. We'd visit most of the houses in our street, as we were very close with all our neighbours. We called them Aunty and Uncle even though they weren't relatives of ours. So it would be an endless procession of kids running up and down the street, going into each others houses, showing off our presents and collecting more.

I honestly can't think of a least favourite tradition. As a child, I loved everything about Christmas.



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