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ETA: this wonderful, amazing and brilliant birthday banner by the equally wonderful, amazing and brilliant milly_gal


November, 2015 and I'll be travelling all the way from little ol' Perth, Western Australia to the grand ol' US of A to attend not 1 but 2 SPN cons. I'll be meeting Jared and Jensen for panels and photos and autos (OH MY!!!!!) and the rest of the amazing cast (and hopefully some crew as well), hanging out with hundreds of other fans and generally having the time of my life.

First up will be Denver Nov 5-9 and then LA the following weekend, Nov 13-15. I'm also visiting Las Vegas for the first time and hope to squeeze in a quick trip to the Grand Canyon.

So I'll be using this masterpost to keep up to date with Con and travel related things and general squeeing which I'm sure will only get louder the closer I get to flying out.

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Fic Masterpost

Well, I've written and posted 2 fics in the Triad 'verse (and outlining/writing more) and I'm doing my first spn_j2_bigbang so I suppose a fic Masterpost will come in handy and inspire me to fill it. Pairings and warnings in multi-part fics will be updated as I add new parts.

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To Do List

Spoke briefly with the real estate agent for my new rental and finalised Thurs June 9th to go in and sign the lease, pay the bond and 2 weeks rent in advance and pick up the keys.

Hope to move on that Thursday then clean the current rental on the Friday. Am hoping that since there won't be another tenant moving in (the house is getting bulldozed) that it won't have to be absolutely spotless and that I'll get my bond back quickly. There's no damage, just some marks on a couple of walls that will probably be a bitch to remove.

In the meantime, I have so much to do I don't really know where to start so am hoping a list helps me organise.

-- need to get a move on with sorting and packing. This timing of this move is actually good as lot of my favourite and must-watch TV shows are going on hiatus over the next couple of weeks. Just have to stop procrastinating by reading too many fics.... but I'm finding some really good ones right now, and some amazing authors (all_the_damned_vampires on AO3/all_the_damned is my current obsession right now-- can't stop reading) so will have to use them as a reward: spend a few hours packing and I can let myself read 1 or 2 fics then back to it!!

-- organise skip bin for the junk. Will have to ring council to book one. Thankfully they provide it for free so that's one thing I don't need to pay for.

-- take boxes of unwanted clothes to the Salvos or Good Samaritans.

-- ring a few 2nd hand bookshops to see if I can sell unwanted books for cash

-- give 21 days notice via email to my current property manager

-- ring ISP and find out what needs to be done to get internet at the new place

-- ring power company to transfer account to my name

-- ring lawnmower guy to do the lawns for the bond inspection

-- find a removalist that doesn't charge too much

-- update address for my car rego and licence-- THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT AS BOTH ARE DUE IN THE NEXT FEW MONTHS

-- update address for work, banks, mobile, vet, insurance

-- update Sam's micro-chip details

-- notify friends and family either by FB or text/phone

Am sure I'm forgetting something -- just hope it's nothing important!!!

Jensen really needs a travel buddy!!!

They do say you catch more flies with honey than vinegar... think Jensen agrees.

OMG!!!! This is so hilarious. Love how the guy who did a 10 mile Tough Mudder this time last year is sweating and out of breath walking through an airport terminal!!! :-)

"I'm not even in the right terminal."

"Excuse me? Oh, all right. Good talk." :-)

"Is it all up hill?"

and my fav:
"Oh, that's pretty!"

And he made it!!!!

Why do I even bother???? :-/

Called a friend last night to ask if she could come over on Sat to help keep me company while I pack, maybe even help a little herself, she says fine, happy to help. Tell her "Great, and thanks, will pick you up after work Sat morning".

Get a text this morning (Fri) saying she's been in bed with a bad back for last 2 days so wants to rest over the weekend and won't be coming over. 2 days, huh?? Why not mention THAT on the phone last night??? Seems to me she just changed her mind and the back pain is just an excuse not to say, "Nah, don't wanna help."

And that is why I'm so reluctant to ask for help or even support from those near me. Have been let down too many times by her (and others) pulling out at the last minute. Easiest just to do everything myself.

Still feeling like crap, but haven't shed tears since the other night, so I suppose that's progress, right??

It's a beautiful day outside, so I'm going to take Sam for walkies, pick up some things at the supermarket on the way home and then tackle the task of sorting and packing the 4 bookcases in my library.

Episode reaction: SPN 11x22

Bit of a downer after the last few which I really liked. I did enjoy it, I guess but there was so much that I didn't enjoy at the same time. Might find some more positives in a rewatch or two and after reading some reactions on my f*list but right now, it's pretty much a "was ok, but could have been so so much better" ep for me.

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I GOT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After a very, very stressful 5 1/2 days of nearly tearing my hair out, of sending emails and calling the agents office and leaving messages, I just heard back from the property manager to say that the duplex is mine!!!!

Still have to go over details, when I move in, length of lease (hopefully at least 12 months), etc but it's like a huge weight has been lifted off my chest and my mind. Had actually been feeling quite ill this morning with the waiting and not knowing.

I will miss this place though. It's been home for me and Scully and now Sam for the last 10 years. I'll miss being able to walk him from home to the parks along the river. Will still drive Sam to his favourite spots so he can go swimming but it won't be the same as being able to walk there. I have already worked out longer walks we can take on both sides of the river that will still give Sam plenty of off-lead exercise. There are two bridges a few kms apart that we can use to cross the river safely. It should be 3 or 4km circuit.

It was also here that I discovered what would quickly become my all-time favourite fandom, my addiction and my obsession--- SUPERNATURAL. Can't quite believe I'll be in another home barely a week after the season 11 finale.

So now I can concentrate on getting my current place sorted out and packed up. There is a hell of a lot to be done as I really want to declutter and get rid of a lot of the stuff I've either dragged from previous rentals or acquired in the 10 years (10 friggin' years!!!!!) I've been here. Have bookcases full of books that I will need to sort through and decide which ones I can bare to part with. 90% of them I haven't touched since putting them there, so they should really go to other homes where they'll be used and read and appreciated. Plus if I can get some money for them that I really need right now, then that will make it easier let them go.

Back before CDs and DVDs and the internet I was a compulsive and voracious reader. Wasn't unusual for me to spend a couple of hundred dollars in one visit to a bookstore. Eased off over the years since to focus on buying DVD's but I haven't lost my love of sitting down with a new novel by a favourite author and getting lost in the worlds they create.

I know which authors and books I won't be getting rid: Stephen King, Diana Gabaldon, Laurell K Hamilton, Harry Potter for starters. All my X-Files, Farscape and SPN books, season companions, novels, reference books, full sets of Quantum Leap and original BSG novels. Autobiographies of a lot of my favourite actors and musicians. I may not read them again but they are so dear to me that I just can't get rid of them.


Don't know if there is anyway to embed a Tumblr post here (if there is please let me know how) so here's the link to and a cut&paste of something that I couldn't agree more on and couldn't have said better myself.



Today I got a reply to a comment saying that the author had been so discouraged by the lack of response on the last two chapters that they had decided not to finish it, but that they had changed their mind and were now thinking of finishing. Just because I took 30 seconds to comment on each chapter.

It doesn’t matter if the fic is years old

It doesn’t matter if you don’t know what to say (“I loved this” is always music to an author’s ears, no matter how many times we hear it)

The author will not think you’re a creeper if you’re commenting on every single one of their fics

The author WILL cuddle your comments close to their hearts like the precious gems that they are, even if they’re only one word.

Comments and feedback matter. I’ve written in fandoms and for pairings that have very active, vocal fans who comment a lot, and I’ve written for ships that are not terribly popular and don’t get much reaction. The difference in my attitude is incredible.

Your feedback matters to authors. Click the kudos button, but please, take the time to leave a comment. Even if it’s just one word. If you like the writing and want to see more, let the author know



Please do not hesitate to give me your feedback guys! Be it positive encouragements or constructive criticism, I’m always open to everyones opinions ❣

Whilst I love getting kudos on my fics at A03, it saddens and discourages me more than a little that a few of my fics have zero comments. I'm assuming readers like my stories enough to bother leaving a kudos but I would love to get comments (even just a few words) on WHY they liked it, which parts worked and even which parts didn't, would they like to see more??

Just in case anyone would like to make my day and leave even one "I loved it".
My Fic on AO3


Emailed the agent as I hasn't heard from her by close of business today. She replied saying she has been very busy and out of the office all day and apologised for the delay and oh she will give me an answer on Monday!!!!!

WHAT THE EVER-LOVING-FUCK????? I do not want to have to wait another 3 days to find out if I have a house to move into. The longer she takes the more it makes me think she's going to reject my application and I will have to endure the added stress of finding somewhere else.

All I want to do right now is cry!!!!


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