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BB13 screw RL
Well, I've written and posted 2 fics in the Triad 'verse (and outlining/writing more) and I'm doing my first spn_j2_bigbang so I suppose a fic Masterpost will come in handy and inspire me to fill it. Pairings and warnings in multi-part fics will be updated as I add new parts.

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Oh what a feeling!!!!!!

Just started working again on my fic for the samdean_otp mini-bang and read through what I'd already written for the second chapter. It's a shower scene that has been giving me lots of trouble, sounding perfect in my head and crap as I type it up. A note at the top says it needs a major re-write and yet when I read it today, I actually liked it. I liked it a lot. Sure it still needs some minor tweaking to smooth things out, but it's a lot better than I had previously thought. Have even worked out how to include a bit of background info and a flashback or two.

I LOVE writing right now!!!!


It's Friday (just) and that means it's also......


Looking forward to lots of Michael/Alex deliciousness.

I need some Dominion icons in my life.

That is all.

Raiding Amazon

Work has exploded this week. From thinking I'd have 4 days off, I ended up doing three shifts instead which is very good news for my bank account. Have another 2 this weekend to take me to 5.

Been feeling very under the weather with a thing that started as just a cough that spread into both my sinuses and chest. Been doped up on cold'n'flu meds and cough syrup that seems to be slowly making a difference.

So, figured I deserved something fun and good right now so headed to Amazon to spend some money. Put SPN season 9 on pre-order as well as the complete box set of 24 (price cut from $180 to $99 was too good to pass up). Also bought 2 John Barrowman cd's and a collectors DVD of a couple of his concerts.

All you need is a............

Since all the cool kids are doing this one, I'm gonna do it too!!!


full meme | my thread


So, alexisjane wanted drabble prompts. I supplied one and what she did with it absolutely blew my mind. Check out all the others as well. They are all simply brilliant.

My prompt: Sam & Crowley-- can be gen or slash, fluffy or dark. Your choice.

Crowley finally responds to Sam's summoning in 923. Sam's not there to deal. He's there to......???? What does Sam do and how does Crowley react????

Her response here.

Dominion 1x04

Wow!!!!!!!!!! What an intense episode and probably my favourite one yet and given how much I've loved each ep so far, that is a very good sign.

Spoilers for 1x04 to follow:

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Bring on ep 1x05. I can't wait!!!!!!

Sheer and utter relief

After stressing out big time that I may have trouble paying my rent (without resorting to the dreaded credit card, something I've never had to do in 20 years of renting and something I'll do pretty much anything to avoid) due to my hours being cut to 2 shifts a week, I've just picked up an extra 16 hours in relief shifts this week. Add to the 7 hour shift I did overnight on about 20 mins notice, then my pay packet for the coming fortnight is looking a lot more healthy.

In other happy news, this is quickly becoming one of my favourite SPN coms, spn_on_parade. The wonderful and varied adventures of our boys never fails to make me smile and usually LOL and with the above mentioned stress, I've needed a lot of both lately.

Plus I'm loving the massive random postings of the last couple of days. Great to see everyone chipping in and sharing little snippets of wonderful

Fandom and my amazing LJ f*list: I luvs ya heaps.
Just wrote my very first Dominion fic and I really, really love it. It's for today's 3 sentence fill at comment_fic so it's very short but I think ( and hope) that I've managed to pack quite a bit into it.

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