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ETA: this wonderful, amazing and brilliant birthday banner by the equally wonderful, amazing and brilliant milly_gal


November, 2015 and I'll be travelling all the way from little ol' Perth, Western Australia to the grand ol' US of A to attend not 1 but 2 SPN cons. I'll be meeting Jared and Jensen for panels and photos and autos (OH MY!!!!!) and the rest of the amazing cast (and hopefully some crew as well), hanging out with hundreds of other fans and generally having the time of my life.

First up will be Denver Nov 5-9 and then LA the following weekend, Nov 13-15. I'm also visiting Las Vegas for the first time and hope to squeeze in a quick trip to the Grand Canyon.

So I'll be using this masterpost to keep up to date with Con and travel related things and general squeeing which I'm sure will only get louder the closer I get to flying out.

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Denver ConCollapse )

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Fic Masterpost

Well, I've written and posted 2 fics in the Triad 'verse (and outlining/writing more) and I'm doing my first spn_j2_bigbang so I suppose a fic Masterpost will come in handy and inspire me to fill it. Pairings and warnings in multi-part fics will be updated as I add new parts.

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SPN Season 13!!!!!

Very, very happy to wake up to this wonderful news from Jared this morning!!!

.... and an even finer start to 2017

Absolutely loving how active Jared has been on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook so far this year. Let's hope he keeps up with the regular postings as he always brings a smile to my face and a warmth in my heart and soul.

Lots & lots of lovely Jared!!Collapse )

My teenage crush

OH MY!!!! OH WOW!!!

Found this video of all of WHAM!'s TOTP performances. What a trip down memory lane!!!

A peaceful parting.

So relieved that he didn't suffer, going peacefully in his sleep.

A beautiful tribute

Darren Hayes (formally of Savage Garden) is another of my very favourite singers/musicians/songwriters.

Initial reaction......

Take me to the edge of heaven

My all time favourite WHAM! song. It's my go-to track whenever I need to cheer myself up. It's just so upbeat and fun (despite the lyrics) and infectious that I just can't stay sad whenever I hear it. And the video is brilliant. Love all the 'Bad Boys' flashes of younger George and Andrew. Such an amazing pair of guys.


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