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2016 can go screw itself

Plans for spending Xmas day at my Dad's place have been cancelled as he just called to tell me he's booked into hospital tomorrow to get a benign spinal cyst either drained or removed. Says it's nothing too serious and while I really want to believe that, I'm worried that he's downplaying it so as to not upset me too much. He also assured me it's not connected with his recent prostate cancer diagnosis.

He sounded pretty tired (actually miserable is more apt) on the phone so we didn't talk for long. I'm hoping to be able to visit him on either Monday or Tuesday (both public holidays) if he's feeling better.

Was going to drive down with my brother but have texted him to see if he wants to come to my place for lunch instead. If not, I guess I'll be spending a very quiet Xmas with just Sam for company. Either way, I'll do a roast (either chicken or lamb) for lunch and watch some favourite movies.

I'm going to do my best to enjoy my 4 days off as things have been very busy at work but was really looking forward to spending Sunday with my family as I don't see them much during the year. And giving my Dad a really big hug and tell him just how much I love him and how much he means to me. I'm so scared of losing him that just thinking about not having him in my life has me in tears at times.
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