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Christmas pressies

Got a trio gift-pack of Jams and some lovely herbal tea from my mum and sister. I had to laugh when I opened it as I sent Mum a selection of jams and marmalades too.

My BFF Kim sent me a package and luckily it arrived on Friday afternoon. Inside was a 'Sam' mugshot pic t-shirt and copies of our duo photo ops with Jensen and Tim & Jensen and Mark Sheppard from last year's AHBL con. They will be getting framed as they are so pretty to look at and a great reminder of the awesome time we had meeting Jensen and the rest of the guests.

The biggest and best surprise was these 4 paintings. I had no idea she was so talented. They are so gorgeous, they took my breath away and had me shedding a tear or two. So I just have to share them. Each of the sigils she chose matches the character so perfectly.




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