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In remembrance and celebration

Some of my favourite songs and videos:

1991 rehearsal with Seal and David Bowie looking on.

Such a powerful voice and vocal range

Great song & vid. The cop outfit!!! Spot on and oh so cheeky.

Choose Life! Neon pink! The Hair!!! This vid has it all plus one of the boppiest songs I've ever heard.

I played this song non-stop. Drove my family crazy!!!!

Another track I played to death!!

Where it all began!! I played the album so many times, I wore it out!

Love this ballad!

He only got better when he went solo:

Never got to see Wham! live so this will have to do!

Some fav duets:

Can't end without this one. So many superstars on one record, in one room all for charity.

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