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Just a quickie update

The Good:
Just checked my credit card online and both the funds transfer and  limit increase have been credited to my account which means I can buy my Melbourne-LA-Perth airplane tix this morning and beat the Monday price rise.

Things are slipping and sliding into place, though with a few intermittent  and minor bumps in the road, in regards to this trip it's almost spooky. I get the feeling that I'm destined to make the journey to Burbank come hell or high water or slow financial institutions.

For once,  all the gods and godesses and maybe even the devil himself is on my side. That never normally happens so I'd better take full advantage while I'm in their good books.

The Bad:
Woke up this morning to heavy and consistent rain, so no walkies along the river for me and Scully <- see my userpic to see my gorgeous girl->. Hopefully it'll clear up later today as she really, really loves going for walks as do I.
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