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.... and an even finer start to 2017

Absolutely loving how active Jared has been on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook so far this year. Let's hope he keeps up with the regular postings as he always brings a smile to my face and a warmth in my heart and soul.

Same photo with different caption on Instagram:

jaredpadalecki I hope you're enjoying your nice, restful extended vacation Jensen Ackles!!! I'll be up here in the frozen tundra they call "Canada", holding down the fort filming #supernatural, with nothing to warm me up other than my ice coffee... #spnfamily #akf

Jensen's response is so perfect! :-)

jensenackles: Hey Jared...first off, its below freezing here. Second, I don't have someone bringing ME iced lattes. And third, put a coat on. I'm no genius, but that might warm u up. Now excuse me while I go change this child's diaper. #livinthedream

Jared hanging out with Stephen Amell in Hawaii!

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