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Adventures In Con-planning & Chook-sitting

A great day at work, (lots of double and triple rate jobs which pay really, really good money) turned into an evening of sharing excitement and squee of the upcoming AHBL con in Melbourne this May on the local SPNFamily FB page I run. Tickets go on sale early next week and everyone is discussing which level they are getting and which photo ops and autos they want/can afford. I'm doing both Sat & Sun day tickets and plan on spending heaps on photo ops and autos. So far my list is:

Photo ops:
J2 sandwich
J2 sandwich with my best friend and con roomie, Kim
Amy Gumenick (Young Mary)
Emily Swallow (Amara)
May get some pair/group shots including Matt, Rich and Rob, depending on my budget and how rushed things are.

Jared (may get 2 so I can meet him both days)

Luckily, we buy these at the con so have a few months to save up for them.

There's also events each night:
Fri- Masquerade party hosted by the Hillywood Girls
Sat- Louden Swain and Jason Manns concert. Would be beyond amazing if Jensen performed but I'm not getting my hopes up.
Sun- Karaoke hosted by Rich and Matt.

So it's going to be a very, very busy weekend. Also need to find time to catch up with friends I made at the last SPN con I went to in 2015.

Booked the hotel room I'll be sharing with Kim, her hubby James and their two youngest kids, Danae and Connor. We got a really good deal, 3 nights for $450 and it's only a short tram trip from the con venue. Bonus is we don't have to pay til we get there so that's something else I can save up for over the next few pays.

Next on the list is buying flights from Perth to Melbourne return. Hope to get them either next pay or the one after. Taking Friday and Monday off work, so I don't have to rush to the con or home afterwards.

And then somehow during all the reading of posts and keeping up with comments, I agreed to look after 2 chickens overnight for one of the FB members. They are spending the night in the bathroom with the door closed as I need to keep my dog, Sam away from them. To him, they would be dinner!! Good thing my toilet is in a seperate room.

K will be picking them up tomorrow once she has found a new home for them. Another FB member and friend is on stand-by to take them if K can't rehome them.
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