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AHBL8 Ticket sale madness......

.....but my friend Kim and her hubby managed to get us tickets for Saturday fairly quickly so we should have pretty good seats. So relieved but they have to do it all over again tomorrow to buy our Sunday tickets. Hopefully, things go a lot smoother and faster.

Also got our tickets for the Saturday night concert with Louden Swain and Jason Manns. :-)

The website was being hacked, fans were constantly refreshing the page, too many fans had multiple tabs open (some as many as 10 or more on 2 or 3 different devices) with the overload causing the site to keep crashing over and over. Even the tech gurus couldn't access it to update with the day tickets, so finally had to tell everyone to just calm the fuck down and chill out!!!

Just over an hour later and they suspended sales, as some people were buying more than they were allocated. 90% of Saturday tickets have been sold, the venue holds well over 2000 so it's going to be a massive convention!!!
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