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Padahug Countdown!!! Day 79

During the Gold Panel at last weekend's Vegas Con, Jared said rather shyly , that with the support of  fans, he'd like to record something for Jason Mann's next cd. That would be amazing as I really, really loved hearing him sing on the Christmas cd. My only peeve is that he only sang the first verse and then a little bit of the chorus right at the end. It's only about a minute, but it's glorious. His voice is so deep and rich and just lovely to listen to. It would be truly magical to hear a whole song from him, so I'm really hoping that Jason does invite him to record a song.


Jared singing White Christmas on Jason Manns' Christmas With Friends cd. (Audio only)

Jason talking during a Stage-It about Jared in the studio and how he would love to get him back for another longer session and record a song more suited to his style and what Jared is comfortable with. (Audio only)

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