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Episode reaction: SPN 12x12

A few thoughts....

Wow, that was the most crazy ep I think I've seen. I loved it!!! Not really sure why but I really really loved it!!!! Will need to watch it again and hopefully ALL the time jumps and flashbacks will make a bit more sense.

But I loved the call backs to Azazel and Michael and Crowley becoming King Of Hell and the Colt!!!! OMG, that last scene with Crowley and Lucifer opens up so many many questions. Will never not love seeing Mark Pellegrino as Lucifer.

But what the heck was that slo-mo near the start. Sure it looked super cool but what was the point of it?? Am thinking Speight was on something when he directed this ep and the title cards, they were weird too.
And, oh boy!! I so want to slap Mary into next week for putting her sons in danger, for working for the bastards who tortured Sam and threatened to kill Dean, for keeping secrets about something so fundamentally important to them and their entire lives work. They deserve so much better from her!

Loved Jared's performance so much. His hurt towards Mary, knowing she is not telling him things, knowing that she is in some of trouble or danger but won't share that burden with them. His need to know she's okay hunting again and her response as she walked away was heartbreaking.

LOL'ed at everyone ordering food but Sam wanting the free wifi password!!! Never change, baby!!

Also loved the convo with everyone talking over each other and especially Sam's "Why would you want them to smell like food?" Then Mary turns on the Mum voice "Hey" and everyone goes immediately quiet, Sam and Dean looking like little kids. Sam's "Sorry, mum." was just too adorable.

A big surprise was how much I enjoyed Misha this week. He played hurt/dying Cas really well, not going too over the top like when he played Lucifer last season, keeping it more real and quite emotional.

Am sure to have more to say after I do a rewatch or two. Am sure I missed a lot of little details.

Jared tweeted this during the West Coast airing:


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