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Big Bang fic update #1 & some Sam lovin'

Just passed 7000 words and no end in sight. Woooohoooooo!!!!

Whilst on my morning walk with my dog, Sam down to the river and back, started fleshing out missing scenes from  404 Metamorphosis, one of my favourite episodes. Couldn't wait to get home and onto my laptop for some serious writing. Always seems like I get my best ideas away from the computer (out walking, at work, in bed late at night or first thing in the morning, hell even in the shower and on the toilet) I can see and hear the boys so clearly it's as if I'm watching an episode. I'm hoping and thinking I may not been alone amongst fandom when it comes to how I first get my ideas. The tough thing I find, is translating what's in my head to the Word doc or paper. Never seems to come out exactly as I hear & see it in my head, but generally if I give it long enough it will be close.

Anyways back to 404. I've loved this ep since the first time I saw and now, dozens of viewing later, it's still growing on me. It's so dark and angsty and filled with wonderful and beautiful and heart-breaking  scenes and lines. We find out some of what Sam is feeling (which I always love) in regards to the demon blood he was fed as a baby, how it makes him feel, how he's doing his best to take this curse and make something good out of it. He really did have the best of intentions in season 4, get Dean out of Hell, being #1, then when that failed, kill Lilith in revenge for what she did to his beloved big brother. But the path he ended up choosing and following was obviously in hindsight not the right one. He never had all the information he needed to form a truly informed decision. He didn't know (because Ruby never told him) that killing Lilith would release Lucifer from Hell and bring on the Apocalypse. For the entire season, she let him believe the exact opposite.
Tags: 2012 big bang, character: sam winchester, episode: 404metamorphosis, some samlovin', supernatural
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