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Big Bang fic update #2 and a breakthrough

12, 348 words down, only another 7652 to go! And I'm still coming up with fresh ideas and outlining scenes. Chapter 1 is coming along great but still needs a lot of fleshing out, expanding scenes and writing transitions (at which I suck). With as well as Ch 1 is progressing I'm thinking I may be able to drop some of the weaker scenes where I really only have a vague idea of what's going to happen, or just a couple of lines of dialogue that I have no idea what do with. Hell, ch1 might just turn out to be BB length all by itself and that would be fine by me.

Was stuck for a couple of days after brainstorming an idea for a scene  that I really want to include. Stayed up til 1.30am Monday morning writing it, cos I simply had to write one more paragraph, then just one more. Turned into thousands of words and about 6 pages in Word. Considering I had to get up at 4.30am for my regular Mon morning shift at work it was a very, very late night for me but I was so entranced with writing the scene that I just couldn't stop.

Only there was a couple of problems with it. Firstly it was totally Dean POV and this fic is *supposed* to be Sam POV, Sam focussed and very Sam-centric and suddenly Dean was taking over and he just wouldn't shut up. He also does this in another chapter, as if he's not liking Sam getting all the attention. I suppose I could do the fic with alternating POV. Will just have to see what I come up with.

Secondly events that happened in the story Dean was telling are way more intense than what I need for the fic - basically it's just there to give Dean a reason to hit Sam in anger for the very first time. Without giving anything away,  Sam pisses Dean off, pushes and provokes him and Dean loses control and punches him. So a whole backstory emerged as to why Sam would be mad at Dean, and it grew and continues to grow. In the story, both boys, but Sam in particular were injured way more than I needed them to be, plus Sam underwent some major trauma, both physical and emotional and sexual, that would leave wounds that just would not fit with the next and more important part of the chapter. Plus I didn't want Sam to experience a major event in his life with anyone other than Dean. 

So the breakthrough came when I realised that I could make some of the Dean POV  into a concussion/ fatigue induced dream that Dean is having about Sam who has been taken and convert the rest to Sam POV. Needing to maintain the Sam POV, I know I can't include the whole dream sequence and it's lead-up in my fic, but I plan on having Dean reveal some of it when he's reunited with Sam. Dean doesn't realise that he was dreaming, thinks Sam really was hurt, so he's babbling about it as he checks Sam over for the injuries he dreamt about, but Sam is fine except for some minor injuries, sunburn/blistering/ rope burns around his wrists and ankles.

I'm hoping to post the whole scene as an out-take after I post my big bang, so I won't be deleting it. It came out so fast and so easily that I really want to keep it as part of this fic's verse.
Tags: 2012 big bang, character: dean winchester, character: sam winchester, ramblin' on, spn fic
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