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Padahug Countdown!!! Day 46

Something a little different for todays' Padahug Countdown post.....

I love discovering new things about Jared, especially different and unusual aspects of his personality. This caught my eye on Twitter and made me rather sad for a while but then I realised that it's just another one of the many, many reasons why I love and admire him so much. He has fears and anxieties like all the rest of us and, as he has let us know on occassion, he too struggles to overcome them.



I love the little exhale Sam gives in the first gif, almost like a sigh of relief, "Wow, that's done." After reading the quote from the director, I'm now wondering if that's actually Jared showing his own relief at conquering what was obviously something difficult, so sort of like a reverse character bleed.

I have other questions too, like how long has he had this particular aversion? Right back to when he first started acting onscreen? Sometime since he began SPN? Before or after filming "Christmas Cottage"? Is it something the writers, producers and directors were aware of or had Jared managed to hide his discomfort all these years and just "get on with the job."? It's quite interesting as we see Sam drawing & writing quite a few times going all the way back S1's Home where he was drawing the tree and there's also all the devil's traps and various sigils he's done.


Anyways, just an interesting thing to think about and something I would love to ask Jared if I ever got the chance and the courage. Maybe not in a panel or public setting but more like a casual 3 or 4 hour long chat over drinks. :-)

Also found some gorgeous pics and gifs from the article with the PJ Pesce quote.



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