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Perth OzComicCon '17-- comings and goings.

The con is this weekend, March 25 & 26. Alaina Huffman (Abaddon/Josie Sands) is going to be there. Haven't met her yet so am very much looking forward to seeing her and getting a photo and auto.


DJ Qualls (Garth) was announced last Friday to much cheering within the SPN FB group I run only to cancel yesterday because he landed a new gig and filming starts straight away. Happy that he's getting more work but disappointed too as I was really looking forward to meeting him :-( He tweeted that he's going to make sure he gets DownUnder in the next year or so.

Then today, we get the awesome news that Tahmoh Penikett (Gadreel) has been secured as a last-minute replacement and the cheering was even louder!! He's doing 3 panels (2 SPN and 1 BSG) and I'm getting another photo with him and his auto. Met him at DenverCon back in '15 and fell in love. He's so laidback with a wicked sense of humour and yeah, he's bloody gorgeous too!!
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