vyperdd (vyperdd) wrote,

Broadchurch series 3

OMG, am loving this show so friggin' much. Every new episode is better than the last. Such a pity it's the final series. Am really going to miss it and the characters.

David Tennant is simply brilliant. So grumpy and snarky. Loved Alec going on the date, so nervous and awkward and yet adorable and him trying to do "the supportive boss" and failing. And the smile on Ellie's face when he does it the second time at the police station was just wonderful. They may argue a lot but it's clear she genuinely likes and respects him.

Ellie's disgust when they were interviewing the convicted rapist mirrored my own. Mayford is a slimy piece of shit, makes my skin crawl just watching him.

So many suspects with new clues and revelations being disclosed at a wonderfully slow but measured pace. I'm leaning towards Mayford at this stage with Clive the taxi driver a close second. Though, him not being mentioned in this episode has me wondering if he's a red herring and too obvious. Can't see it being either Jim or Ian as I think Trish would have recognized something familiar about her attacker and I don't think she's lying about not knowing who raped her.

Tags: david tennant, spoilers, tv show: broadchurch
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