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I'm going to Hell!!!!!

After thinking about it for months, made up my mind this morning that I am going to the 'All Hell Breaks Loose' SPN con being held in Sydney and Melbourne at the end of May.

Confirmed guests so far are Richard, Misha, Tracey and Jim. Interestingly there are still 2 guests TBA boxes on the sight. Am no way getting my hopes that one or both of them might be filled by SPN actors whose first name starts with "J" From everything I've heard around the 'net, there is very little in hell of either Jared or Jensen making another trip downunder.

Am still kicking myself for not getting into the show a couple of months earlier-- I started watching in June or July 09, even though I was aware of it for a long time beforehand. I even remember seeing the end of one ep, can't recall which one, but think it was season 1, saw JP and JA and foolishly thought "Oh, they're just pretty boy teen actors, not my type at all" Little did I know that they would quickly grow into amazingly gorgeous men-- definitely my type. :-)

AHBL 1 which both Jared and Jensen attended was held a few months before that. I have the con on DVD and have watched it heaps, but having gone to lot of Farscape  and Stargate cons, there is nothing like actually being there in person, meeting the actors, getting photos and autos and perhaps even best of all, hanging out with fellow fans who not only share my obession but understand it as well. Love the fact that you can be in a queue waiting for autos or photo-ops, turn around to the person behind you, a complete stranger, and immediately start a conversation without having to explain anything and without being considered weird for being obsessed by a tv show.

Will only have to miss 1 shift at work (Saturday) and swap Monday morning for the arvo shift. Fly to Sydney on the red-eye after work Friday night, onto Melbourne Sat night before flying home Sunday night or Monday morning.

Have pretty much accepted that I'd have to travel to the US to meet both J's, which I really, really want to do. One thing in my favour is that it's looking really good for a season 8 which hopefully means more cons later this year and into 2013. I need a big lead-in time as flights to US from Oz are expensive, then there's accomodation and the con tix and all the goodies like photos and autos.
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