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Episode reaction: SPN 12x17

Loved it!!!!

Holy shit!!!! Did not see that coming!! Was just getting to really like Mick and he was definitely lessening his adherence to his precious CODE by listening to Sam and letting the boys and Eileen leave.  Am so glad they didn't kill her. Too many characters get brought back only to be killed off, so it was nice that she's still alive!!

He had me cheering when he was defending Sam and Dean. That was a really heartfelt speech and I was looking forward to him working with them against the BMOL. I get the feeling, though, no matter what he said, he was a dead man, someone not to be trusted anymore.

Am figuring the scenes with Ketch and Mary are to show Ketch has some feelings for her and may hesitate to carry out Dr Hess's orders to kill ALL the Winchesters.

Still really like Dagon and her very dry delivery. Esp loved the scene at the ob/gyn. He was a hoot!!! "Happy camper!" and "A-okay" Another one scene character that totally steals the scene, like Mickey the Gas-n-sip clerk from 10x01.

Loved Sam doing the accent and the signing and he looked quite smitten with Eileen throughout the ep. There's certainly the possibility of something more developing between them but I'm also happy for them to just stay friends.

Also, hungover Sam & Dean will NEVER not be adorable!! And the boys looked so gorgeous. I mean they always do, but even more so in this episode!! Think it's the fact that we got to see Sam smile a few times. Need to see Happy!Sam a lot more often.

LOL at Dean's reaction to Mick pouring the glass of tomato juice and then when he asks if they have any vodka. Must have one hell of a night!!

And the Colt!!!!!  And the look on Dean's face as he unwraps her and holds her for the first time in 7 years!!! Just beautiful!!! <3
"Welcome back, sweetheart." Awwwwww. Should Baby be jealous???

He must have seen Eileen holding it and yet he obviously didn't make a huge deal about it and bitch to Sam for not telling him. Way to go, Dean!!

And the Crowley & Lucifer scenes are still fun to watch, seeing them both try to outplay each other. I really hope Crowley isn't fooled by Lucifer's "show of submission" and false declaration of loyalty. He's way smarter than that, I know he is!!!

So, for a fairly Sam&Dean lite ep, I really, really enjoyed LOVED it. Still don''t know where things are going re the BMOL and Crowley & Lucifer but I find not knowing exciting and am really looking forward to the remaining episodes and how they will set things up for season 13.
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