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Padahug Countdown!!! Day 27

More favourite scenes from 12x17:

OMG!!!! I LOVE Sam's accent!! I knew it was him straight away but oh god, it is so adorable. Wish Jared was given the chance to more accents. He did a southern one at a recent con that was just perfect and so hilarious. Just know he's going to try an Aussie accent here next month and fail miserably but I'll love him anyways just for trying.

And the little fist pumps he gives after are just to die for!!! And how proud he is when Eileen gives him the thumbs up. Boy, he has it hard for her.

It's so obvious that both boys have a lot of respect for Eileen as a hunter and she's a darn good one!!

And of course, it's just not Supernatural without the angst and heartbreak. Love seeing Sam being so comforting to Eileen, both with words and actions.

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