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SamHair, Samulet & Dean's baby

Just when I'm certain I couldn't possibly love Supernatural more, they give me (and us all) this latest amazingly brilliant episode following on from last week's equally amazing, equally brilliant ep.

First impression on seeing that 4 years ago flashback was ... "But wait. Sam's hair didn't look like that in late season 3/ season 4." Seems opinion in fandom is divided as to when the flashback took place. I was getting a very definite early season 4 after Dean returns from hell vibe. When they showed him torturing the demon, that only added to it and it started feeling very "On The Head Of A Pin"- ish. But I can also see where the late season 3 debaters are coming from. The mentions of Lilith make sense if it's placed around Time On My Side and the boys, Sam in particular, are willing to do absolutely ANYTHING to get to her and break Dean's deal, even if it means harming and perhaps killing an innocent human. Okay it turns out the Jeffery wasn't at all innocent, but neither Sam nor Dean knew that at the time they were trying to get info from the demon. 

Anyways, back to FlashbackSam's hair... The writers, exec producers/director must have had a hard time deciding how to show a younger Sam without drastically altering S7 Sam's look. Making S7 Jensen look like a younger Dean is easy because he's had pretty much the same hair length and style the whole series. With Jared/Sam  they really only had two options, one being the rather drastic step of actually cutting his hair to the style he had it back then and the other having Jared wearing a wig. But even a wig wouldn't really work because not only has Jared hairstyle changed in the last 4 years but so has his face. It has a very different shape to it and it would look weird having a S3 or 4 style wig on Jared's current face.

So I think, faced with an impossible situation and knowing that the fans would bitch and complain whatever they do, they did the best they could. I'm guessing they were convinced they couldn't tell the story the way they wanted without setting the flashback that far back.

I can also imagine all the writers sitting around the table in the writers room breaking stories and saying... "Now, apart from Cas & Bobby, what are the two things the fans want back the most? Answer: the Impala and Dean's Amulet." Then I can hear them all laughing a completely evil laugh (thinking of the clown doll at the end of last week's ep) and saying "Ok, we'll give 'em what they want, only that we'll as always do it our way. " So they give both of these cherished-by fandom icons but only in flashback, which I think is cheating just a little. I'm hoping and praying that this wasn't the much tweeted about (by Jim Michaels) return of the Impala, only to have her disappear again til who knows when.

I loved this episode. It was ultra-creepy and very scary. Spent the whole time sitting on the edge of my chair chewing my nails... and yet I found myself laughing at pretty much everything Lucifer said and did to Sam.

Lucifer's gleeful "He said shut up to me" and the matching look on his face was just priceless. Lucifer moving to block Sam's view was also great, whilst his "rapier wit and wittier rape " line had me shuddering.

Have missed him (and Mark P so much. It's a great pity they couldn't have had him in every episode) but having him offscreen for so long really emphasises how tough Sam has been doing it if Lucifer's behaviour in this ep is what Sam has been having to endure the entire time. It's amazing he's even vertical let alone functioning enough to be able to hunt.

Also wondering if the the run-down Dean gave Jeff of how Jeff got locked up: drunktank, 72 hours psych eval, then into a locked ward is foreshadowing about what will happen to Sam in the next couple of episodes. As I'm trying my darnest to avoid spoilers, guess I'll just to have to wait through another friggin 3 week hellatus to find out.

Til then I guess I'll have to get my SPN fix watching old eps..... such a horrible chore (NOT).....

Tags: character: lucifer, character: sam winchester, episode: 715 repo man, impala, jared padalecki, jensen ackles, mark pellegrino, samhair, samulet, supernatural
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