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All Hell Breaks Loose 3 con

Have just booked my tickets for the AHBL con to be held in Sydney and Melbourne in late May. Next up is airline tix (they have to wait for next pay in a fortnight). Then there's hotels to book and spending money to save up. Still have to budget for photos and autos and other goodies.

Have decided I'm taking a week off work and turning the weekend into a 6 day trip to the east coast. Have been at the servo for almost 3 years and this is the first decent holdiay I've taken. Being casual I don't get paid holidays, so usally don't take off more than a day or two. But I really need a break and the east coast is about as far as I can afford to go. Have been invited to a wedding in the US in June, but there's no way I can afford to go that far or take enough time off work (ie at least 2 or 3 weeks to make it worthwile) so it's the 2 day/2 city con instead.

Thurs 24th May, Friday , Saturday in Sydney fly down to Melbourne Sat night, then spend Sunday, Monday  & Tuesday there before flying home either Tues night or Wednesday morning. It's gonna be full-on but I desperately need a break from work.

Have a couple of touristy things to do-- Harbour Bridge climb in Sydney (Have been to Sydney heaps in last 10 years but have never been able to fit in a bridge climb) and The MCG tour in Melbourne. Have been a big AFL footy and cricket fan since I was little so am looking forward to this tour. Apart from that I'll probably just see what's on offer when I get to both cities. Was hoping to catch a game of footy while in Melbourne but they conflict with the con, so maybe next time.
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