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Originally posted by girlguidejones at URGENT NOTICE! ALL MEMBERS PLEASE READ & SHARE!
Hello all,

Since learning of the news of the [ominous, to say the least] TOS changes, I have been agonizing over what to do with this community.

Currently, many thousands of our works here violate the new TOS regs forbidding "deviant" content. The method of enforcement and possible penalties remain unclear. As the owner, my concerns go beyond preservation of SPNFic alone.

A comm like this, with searchable tags, could serve as a breadcrumb trail straight to thousands of user accounts which could then be purged. Converting SPNFic to a paid account would only shield this comm, not the users who are posting here, and privatizing it wouldn't stop TPTB from poking around. Further, presumably many of our works have been created by actual Russian citizens, who could then face RL criminal charges and persecution.

It is devastating to think of deleting 30K+ entries spanning twelve years, but in the end I feel my greater responsibility is the RL health and well-being of our members. The potential harm to even one person outweighs the retention of this comm on LJ.

In order to preserve thousands of works, I've made the equally difficult decision to import this comm to Dreamwidth. I've not done so lightly, as I have no one's permission to move their works to a new platform. Obtaining it from so many users is pretty impossible, even before one considers that many of them have moved on from SPN, or LJ, or even life itself. But I hope that fandom will err on the side of forgiveness, and understand that I've made this decision only in the interest of preserving so much of our fandom's creative works.

By the time you've read this, the comm will have already been imported into https://supernaturalfic.dreamwidth.org. I didn't want to take any chances that this would show up on Big Brother's radar and have anything happen to the comm before I could mirror it.

You can help by spreading the word on any platforms where SPN fans reside. Here are the relevant points:

1) This comm and the entirety of its works through 4/10/17 has been imported to https://supernaturalfic.dreamwidth.org. Please note that there are already (before the TOS changes) dead links here on LJ from users who've taken down their content, and many more since the new TOS went into effect. Many of our writers and artists have deleted their LJs already.

2) I have knowingly done this w/o the permission of the creators of its works. I apologize profusely to anyone who may be upset by my decision. I hope that it's understood this decision was made to protect contributors' accounts while preserving content. But primarily I did this to shield at-risk creators who may reside in Russia.

3) I will delete anything on the DW mirror site at the original poster's request. I can be most quickly contacted at girlguidejones on twitter. I will unlock my DMs there through the end of June so I can be messaged privately.

4) I'm closing supernaturalfic now to new posts, as I won't be doing another import. I will be deleting this comm permanently on April 26th, along with my other LJs at that time. The two-week delay is to allow people who may have bookmarked things from here to gather that info, and/or to DL fic that was posted directly on this comm, rather than with a link to another LJ, as it will be lost forever.

Like Sam & Dean, it's often hard to know the right choice when you're between a rock and a hard place. Hopefully this was it.

On behalf of all of SPN fandom, including all the mods who've given their time here over the years, thank you all for sharing nearly twelve years' worth of your unbelievable talent.

Carry on.

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