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Pre-AHBL con meet up

Looking forward to meeting up with a bunch of local SPN fans tomorrow. 15 have said they'll be there with another 8 or so as maybe's. Most of them I've met already at various cons and regular catch-ups for coffee, the others I've only chatted with on Facebook. Quite a few will be going to the con in Melbourne in 2 weeks, so there is bound to be much excitement and chatting about who we want to see the most and what photo ops we'll all be getting.

My con savings fund is slowly growing with 1 more pay-day left to put in as much extra money as I can spare. I have money put aside for my Jared solo pic, J2 sandwich and J2 autos. Still need funds for Jensen solo pic and my half of the Winchester Family photo (J2 with Matt and Amy). A very generous friend is selling me her Emily Swallow (Amara) photo token and letting me pay for it after the con.
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