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SPN 718 Wow!!!

Talk about a rollercoaster of a ride.

Half way through and with so much Garth (and then Garth's "friend, Mr Fizzles?-- I was so hoping Dean would turn his threats into action) and so little Sam'n'Dean brotherly interacting stuff, esp after everything that happened last week, this ep was well on it's way to knocking Ghostfacers off the top my "Least Favourite Episode." list. But with all the delicious Bobby bits and Sam & Dean talking about it at the end, and Dean's plain-for-all-to-see hope and desperation that Bobby is still with them somehow, has spared it that fate. It's not in my top 10  favourites but it's way off the bottom of the pile.

It also didn't help having a mostly light/comedy ep after the angst-overload of the last couple of weeks. Felt really out of place. Sorta reminds me of back in season 2 and following up the brillianly dark "Born Under A Bad Sign" with the comical "Tall Tales". Guess I was hoping for a little payoff, some major after-effects esp for Sam and even some answers: Does he still have all the memories of his time in Lucifer's cage? Would really love to know.

I was less spoiled for this one than Cas' return last week and I am so happy that I was. Though, from what I'm reading on Twitter, it seems that Bobby's "return" was a surprise for most people. So thanks heaps to the cast, esp Jim Beaver, and crew for keeping this a secret. And it was a great reminder of how much more I enjoy first viewings being as unspoiled as possible.

Tags: bobby singer, dean winchester, episode: 718 party on garth, sam winchester, supernatural
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