vyperdd (vyperdd) wrote,

AHBL 3 Con update

Okay, things are moving along nicely. Have booked 2 of the 3 flights I need, just the short Sydney-Melbourne Sat night flight to go.

Also booked 3 nights in Sydney staying at the Mercure hotel. A few other fans are also staying there so should be some fun pre-con meets up happening, plus it's means sharing cabs out to the con venue on Saturday. Melbourne hotel will be booked in 2 weeks (next pay) and then it's just a matter of putting away money for spending, photos, autos and other goodies.

Crossing fingers that a friend from rural NSW can make it down to Sydney for the con. Will be great to catch up with her. Been a couple of years since we've seen each other. Even though we stay in touch on the phone and via FaceBook, it's not the same.

Still waiting for Hub to announce the last 2 guests. Those 2 TBA boxes on the website are so frustrating. I know it won't be either Jared or Jensen, but if I had to chose I'd love to see Seb Roche, Mark Pellegrino or Mark Sheppard.
Tags: all hell breaks loose 3 con, supernatural, travel
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