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Padahug Countdown!!! Day 7

Been a very hectic couple of days getting myself organised to travel early Friday morning, so am 2 days behind. :-( Upgraded to a new phone (Samsung Galaxy A5) as my old one (Galaxy S4) was at Death's door (kept freezing, battery lasting only hours, etc-- it's 5 years old so wasn't too surprised) and bought a 2nd-hand camera with an awesome 80x zoom! So even though i'll be sitting towards the back both days, I should still be able to take some pretty good pics.

Anyways, thought I would share my previous gorgeous Padahugs. Still can't quite believe I'll be getting some more next weekend.

DenverCon, November 6-8, 2015.

My very first photo op involving Jared!!!

I wasn't anywhere near as nervous as I thought I would be. Just said "Hi" and asked for a squishy hug and walked away feeling as high as a kite with the biggest smile on my face, wondering if it had just really happened. The boys were so warm and friendly and inviting and firm and tall and gorgeous and amazing!!!


First solo Jared pic and I love it so much. It was pure bliss to feel his arms around me and I really think my expression conveys just how awesome it was. I was in Heaven.

This is my all-time favourite photo op. I normally hate how I look in photos but this one is just so beautiful thanks to the guy behind me! I even think I look kind of pretty-- "Thanks, Jared!!!" The "prom pose", Jared's smile, the way I was kind of holding on so tight to his arm and how snug his arms were around me. Just perfect!!! I have plans to frame it and display it on my wall, that's how much I love it.


This is the 'redo" of the first 'eyes shut' pic so I ended up getting 3 pics and 3 hugs for the price of 2 and I sure didn't complain when the photographer, Chris said he wanted to do it again. It's another favourite.

PasadenaCon, November 13-15, 2015

Quite a story behind this one. I had wanted Jared to be facing me, but couldn't get him to turn around so I just grabbed him around the waist. I did manage to ask him if he could stand up straight as I wanted a pic that showed the true height difference between us all.

Had no idea what Jensen was doing behind me til I collected the photo hours later but I LOVE it. His expression and stance is just hilarious!!!

I was on tip-toes for this one and it was still a stretch to put my hands on Jared's shoulders. I just asked him if we could look at each other and he was so sweet.

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