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Respect for Jared & Jensen

Sorry but posting and sharing photos of J2 that are taken without their consent, permission or awareness is just plain wrong and a massive invasion of their privacy.

Jared and Jensen have said on numerous occasions at various cons how they don't like being sneaky-filmed, how they would much prefer fans approach them openly and ask to have pics. They give so much of their time and themselves to us fans, on set and location, at cons (when they could be home sharing their precious days off with family and friends) and when out & about in the various con cities. It would be wonderful if we gave a little back by letting them be able to truly relax and just hang out with each other and with friends and not have to stress over whether they are being filmed and photographed behind their backs and without their knowledge.

Now, I'm giving the person who took the photo a break as she was possibly not aware of their requests -- not every fan watches every J2 con panel vid or even some or any of them -- but there have been plenty of fans on Twitter, FB and other SM platforms that are only too aware of what the boys have said and choose to blatantly share the pic anyways.
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