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AHBL9, Here I come!!!!

So, this weekend there is an SPN Xmas con in Sydney (today) & Melbourne (tomorrow) called Krampus. Quite a few of my fellow Perth SPNFamily friends are there and I'm so jealous and more than a little angry (at myself!!! Not them!! I screwed up budgeting a very sizable tax refund :-/ ) that I'm not there enjoying the con as well.
There's Matt, Rich, Mark Sheppard (sob!!!), Ruth, Tahmoh and Alaina all having a wonderful time and being their usual awesome selves!!!

So, my friend Larisa is in Sydney and posting a few details to our FB group. The best so far is the guest line-up for AHBL9 sometime in May, 2018 and it's awesome!!

Jim Beaver
David Hadyn Jones (Ketch)
Adam Fergus (Mick Davies)
with Matt and Rich as the hosts

I've met Jim a couple of times now, the last being at Oz Comic Con last year and had dinner with him and Rachel Miner. Can't wait to see him again. He's always so wonderful and warm and lovely and funny in panels and photos and at autos.

Am very excited to meet both David and Adam for the first time. It took me a while to like Ketch and Mick, but by the end of S12, they were two of my favourite new characters. Just watched David's panel from SFCon, instantly fell for him and really looking forward to seeing him in person. Will have to find some con vids with Adam.

I'm not a big fan of Misha. I liked him more when he first came on the show and before the Cas storyline got so boring and pointless and the Destihellers & Minions became so loud and rude and downright annoying. But he's kind of soured for me now, too many things he's said and tweeted have turned me off him to the point where I find it hard to even watch him in con panels. I may just skip his panel as some of his more *rabid* fans tend to be very obnoxcious, at least going by previous AHBL panels he's done.

That aside, can't wait to go to another SPN con and hang out with all my SPN-loving friends. Am hoping I can save up enough for the top ticket (probably around $2k, though hopefully cheaper) so I can have more interaction with the guests (ie: extra panels and Meet&Greets) and lots of photo ops. Just hope that nothing bad happens financially in the next 6 months, will need to save every $ I can! As sad as I am that OZComicCon won't be held in Perth next year (or ever again), it does free up my budget to concentrate on AHBL9, so silver lining, I guess!!! :-)

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