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AHBL9 update

A quick weekend con trip to Sydney planned for May 2018 has developed into a 10 day 2 con + interstate AFL (Aussie Rules) footy game vacation.

Because AHBL9 clashes with Supanova here in Perth on June 23/24, I've decided to head across the country for SydNova the weekend before. Both Novas have the same guests, so this way I won't miss out if someone comes to Perth that I really want to meet. And knowing my luck (or lack there of), because of the clash I can almost guarentee Nova will invite a favourite of mine. Even if they don't, then I still love going just to hang out with thousands of other geeks, nerds and fellow fandom folks.

Just out of curiosity, I also looked up the AFL fixtures for those 2 weekends and lo and behold my team, the West Coast Eagles is playing the Sydney Swans in Sydney on Fri 15th. Every other time I've flown east for a con during the footy season, the fixtures haven't been in my favour. I'm taking it as a sign that this trip is destined to be.

For the four or five days between the 2 cons, I plan to fly to the north of NSW and visit my BFF, Kim who I've been to a couple of previous AHBL cons with. She's very generously invited me to stay with her and her family and to show me around the local attractions.

Luckily, I don't have to finance the trip in one hit, will be able to buy air tickets, accomodation, footy and con tickets as I can afford them over the coming months. Also need to put away enough to cover rent as I'll be missing a whole week of work.

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