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The most awesome E-Mail in the history of E-Mails

VIP Ticket Information Update!

Thanks for purchasing a VIP ticket to David Duchovny.

In regards to the inclusion of a ‘Photo with David Duchovny on your personal camera’, there will now be a hired photographer present at the Meet and Greet session who will be responsible for taking your photo with David Duchovny.

Prior to the Meet And Greet, you will be emailed a link directing you to the destination where the photo will be uploaded. Through this link you will be able to redeem and download your photo with David Duchovny.

PLEASE NOTE: VIP guests will not be permitted to take photos from their personal devices.

Thank you!

Since I've bought my ticket off someone else, this is the first email update I've received and it's somehow just made it seem all so real!!

Excitement is building every day as Feb 24th gets closer. Just 42 days to go!!!! Ooohhhhh, 42!!!! Mulder's apartment number!!! Very spooky!!
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