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Four weeks til DD-day

A month out from David's concert and I've finally booked my flights and hotel. Managed to find a charming looking place just north of Sydney CBD called the Charrington Hotel, a 3.5 star Victorian boutique hotel for just $107 for the Saturday night. Have stayed in backpacker hostels (for not much less) last couple of visits and wanted something a bit nicer this time. If it's as nice as it looks in these pics (with friendly staff, good customer service and cleanliness) then I may end up booking there again for my trip in June.



I arrive in Sydney just after 8am Saturday and fly home late Sunday night, so will have plenty of time to see some sights of Sydney, do a bit of shopping and eating out as well as the concert/VIP events on Saturday night.

Still thinking about what to get David to autograph. Will hopefully buy his 2 cds, so either of those would be good. Have no idea what I'm going to say to him. :-) Tell him I've been a massive fan for the last 25 years and make both of us feel old??? LOL Probably not.
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