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Episode reaction: SPN 13x11

OH MY GOD!!!!! That was amazing and brilliant and awesome and every other superlative I can't think of right now. Definitely my favourite epsiode of the season so far, perhaps my favourite since season 11's Red Meat.

that was friggin' awesome!!!!! That's the SPN I know and am in love with so obsessively. Lots and lots and lots of the boys, mention of Dad!!! Dean using the CB radio (because that's what Dad used to do) was great. Loved pretty much everything about it. Was on the edge of my seat for the whole 40-odd minutes, so many nail-biting moments, great villians, honestly didn't pick FBI guy as the killer/auctioneer thought it would be the cashier. Wonder if it was Jesus-dude doing the camera work. Didn't even think of it being a team effort for most of the episode, so kudos to the writer, Davey Perez!! Great use of misdirection and red herrings.

Love the continuity of the vamp cure although it did take a bit of the tension away, knowing Doug was going to be cured instead of having to be killed, ala Madison way back in season 2.

Love, love love Doug, was so sad that he broke up with Donna but admire him for saying no and walking away because he knows he just can't handle the whole "Monsters are real". So refreshing to see someone discover the supernatural and just say "Nope, I can't deal with it, don't want to deal with it, I'm out." Not everyone is capable of or willing to become a Hunter after encountering the supernatural for the first time (something I think Show forgets on occassion *coughClairecough*) Am desperately hoping it's not the last we see of him but am so afraid it is. Farewell for now, NewDoug!! You are beyond awesome and I'll miss you heaps!!! For now, I'm dealing by imagining Sam calling to check how he's going and letting him know he's there to listen and/or talk if Doug needs him. That he's done the right thing by walking away and it's nothing to feel bad about it. Also imagining that somehow he and Donna can still be really good friends, that he doesn't cut her completely out of his life.

Honestly, how does the show keep finding these amazing actors who can make you love their characters so deeply in just a few scenes in only a couple of eps!!!

I love Donna anyways but I love her even more now. We saw a very different side to her usual happy, happy, everything's puppies-and-sunshine and Briana played it perfectly. More Donna eps would make me very happy. She also got to spend about equal time with both boys which is always a good thing. Sam so often exits stage-right when guest and recurring characters appear leaving Dean with most of the interaction.

Also great to get some Sam POV and his feelings about Mum and Jack and Cas. He's so sad and resigned right now when we are so used to seeing him as the positive optimist who truly believes everything is going to work out. Jared mentioned at a con last year that Sam would be doing a hard 180 and that's what we saw in this ep. Can't wait to see how far they take this storyline and Sam's depression, sense of hoplessness. Jared is brilliant at the really heavy emotional stuff so hope we see more of the downward spiral (I'm a sick puppy, I know! LOL) before we (inevitably??) get our usual Sam back.

Great performance by Jared. Right from the first shot of Sam (still in bed at 8am!!!) it was crystal clear that he was not okay!! Just wanted to hug him to death, poor baby.

Also, I swear Jared had Sam looking a tiny bit impressed when his heart auction reached $500K. But damn, now I want ALL the fic of Sam being auctioned off to the highest bidder, whether human or monster or both I don't care. just gimme, gimme!!!


Now for the shallow!!! Sam in a v-neck t should be a contractual requirement in every single episode. Damn, my boy looked smoking hot!!!!


And restrained!!! I love me some tied-down and squirming Sam. LOL. Though surely he should have been shirtless in that scene so that blood (and evidence) wouldn't stain that lovely crisp white shirt!

Also a shirtless Sam would have sent the bids skyrocketing into the millions!! I mean, c'mon!!! It's a no brainer!!


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