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SydNova 1st guest announcement and I'm all OMG YES!!!! HELL YES!!!!

I love going to Supanova even if there are no guests that I'm interested in seeing or getting photos & autos with. I just love the whole nerdy atmosphere and being surrounded by thousands and thousands of geeks and fannish folks and cosplayers, checking out the vendors area with all the merch and hanging out with my friends and seeing their excitement at meeting their favs. So even with no guests announced yet I was already really looking forward to my trip to Sydney in June.

Then this was posted on the Supanova FB page and I was immediately squeeing with delight!!!

Didn't know that I would be this excited but Oh My Chuck, Stephen alone is enough to make this cross-country trip worth it. I love him on Arrow (pretty much the ONLY reason I'm still watching since John Barrowman left) but a big part of what interests me about him is his friendship with J2 and Jared in particular.

From their competiveness:

to their mutual love of wine:

To Stephen being a major inspiration for Jared's initial AKF campaign:

And, just like J2, he seems to really love his fans, often staying behind at cons to make sure everyone who lines up gets his auto and a chat.

Tickets go on sale Feb 28th, though I won't be able to afford to get mine for a few weeks after. Luckily, they don't tend to sell out too fast, esp the day and weekend tickets (you can usually still buy them at the con) Will see if they offer a ticket package for Stephen that would include photo and autos and perhaps an extra exclusive panel in addition to his general Q&A. Was also thinking of maybe going VIP which includes an evening M&G with most (if not all the guests) but if it's on the Friday night, then that would clash with the Aussie Rules game I really, really want to go to.

Supanova have also said that more guests will be announced before tickets go on sale, so looking forward to see if my excitement level can get even higher. I'm at the stage now of having meet so many of my favs, I'm not really sure who I would still love to meet so I think I'm just going to wait to see who is coming and what my very first reaction is-- Hell Yes!!!, I'll pass, TYVM or just somewhere in between. David Tennant is, of course at the very top of the Hell Yes!!! list.

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