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2019 is going to be EPIC!!!!!!!!


Because J2 are heading back to Australia for All Hell Breaks Loose 10 in either May or June!!!!!

I'm seeing Jared and Jensen again!!!!

I'm getting more Padahugs & squishy J2 sandwich pics!!!! And watching their panels and chatting with them during autos!!! And just being in the same room and breathing the same air!!

And with over 12 months notice, I will have enough time save up for the top tier Ultimate ticket that I have always wanted for a J2 AHBL con but could never afford. Planning on taking most (if not all) of the cost of the ticket out of this years tax refund which I'll get in July, which still leaves me months and months to save for extra group photo ops and to stay in a nice hotel and maybe even take a few days off work either side of the con.

Am so happy right now. :-) :-)

Tags: ahbl10, all the feels, conventions, j2, jared padalecki, jensen ackles, life just got a whole lot better
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