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I have an plan......

but no idea what to call it!!

With Jared coming back to Australia next year, I want to do another sort of daily post series like I did with the Padahug countdown prior to AHBL8 last year. My plan is to, starting with the pilot ep, do a daily Sam-focussed post. There would be a favourite pic of Sam from the episode, fav quote/s, a few thoughts about the ep with regards to what Sam does and what happens to him and how happy or pissed off it makes me feel  (LOL) and (this is the part I think I'm going to enjoy the most) a rating of the SamHair, using ♥ from 1♥ (for OMG, what was the hairdresser chick thinking??? Hello, S10!!) to 5♥♥♥♥♥ (this is absolute perfection, do not touch a hair on that sweet boy's head!! Hello S8 :-) )

As I know there are more days than episodes, I'm probably going to also include some of my favourite cons and panels and other shows and movies Jared has been in, perhaps on the weekends. Yeah, that sounds good. Mon-Fri SPN eps, Sat & Sun, Non-SPN episode stuff.

So any ideas on a snappy, catchy title I could use???

Only one that comes to mind so far is "The Sam Report" but that's a bit boring, I think.

Tags: i worship the padahair, sam winchester, sam/jared lovefest, so very pretty, some samlovin'
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