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I have a plan B

You know when inspiration strikes and you think of an idea that seems pretty simple and straightforward, something that should only take no more than an hour a day and so you think you can handle daily postings, 7 days a week and then it's only when you actually start working on it and it becomes way more detailed than you first envisioned and you start wondering "What the Hell was I thinking???" and yet you get even more excited about it and how awesome it can be if you take the time and effort to do it properly??

Well that was me on Monday night as I was putting the first Sam Report post together. I'd been at it for about 4 hours, it was getting super late, I was super tired and was trying to get my thoughts about the pilot ep into some sort of coherent order (and failing badly) so just saved the post privately, determined to finish and post it after work on Tues. Well that was the plan anyways. Should have known it would go off course but couldn't have guessed the wonderful  direction it would take.

It was on my mind the whole time I was at work on Tuesday, new ideas and titles for categories popping into my head frequently, so I started making notes on my phone between pick-ups and deliveries and even while stuck at traffic lights... naughty me but my memory is crap and I didn't want to risk forgetting something awesome.

My first draft of the Sam Report had the following categories:

Picture Perfect
The Gospel of Sam
Smart is Sexy
Pleasure & Pain
The SamHair
My Thoughts

Below is an image of the note I created in just a few hours on Tues:


22 different categories!!!! TWENTY-TWO!!!!!!! Add in the original 6 and it's up to TWENTY-EIGHT!!!! And I'm sure there are some I haven't thought of yet. OMG, one just popped into my head right now!!! Sam Squared -- when just 1 Sam isn't enough!! :-)


And another!!! BigBro!!


Not all categories will appear in every Report as examples of them won't feature in every episode but HOLY MOLY!!!! There are just so many aspects of Sam and who he is and what happens to him and how he interacts with the world around him and other characters that I want to at least comment on if not explore a bit more deeply.

Some of the titles will probably change too as I'd like to have humourous or quirky ones for all of them. (Family Relationships and Faith come to mind. Any suggestions gratefully accepted with full credit and my undying love ♥ I'd offer my first born if I had one of 'em!! :-) ) And working out which characters and situations fit which categories is still a Work In Progress but I think (and hope) I've got the makings of a pretty interesting and fun Sam-focussed series.

Also decided that I probably won't be doing daily postings. Seeing as it's going to be such a long series (279 episodes as of 13x15) I want to make sure each one is as good as I can make it and not put myself under pressure to post something I'm not completely happy with just to keep up with a daily schedule. I'm going to try to pre-do a few posts on the weekends (when I have the most spare time) and so hope to be posting at least 4 or 5 times a week. Will just see how things go.

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