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This is pure torture

Thanks to it being Good Friday, I have the day off work. Normally I'd have watched SPN before the West Coast airing instead of having to wait til after work  BUT I'm hosting a 13x16 watch party with a few local SPNFamily members tomorrow so I can't watch the ep today. :-(

I know it'll be awesome to watch it for the first time with others who love SPN as much as I do but, dude, avoiding all the spoilery stuff on Twitter and Facebook and here on LJ is just soooooooooooooo damn hard. I wanna join in with the excitement and squee and love (Yep, I've been sneaking a few little peeks here and there :-p ) but I also want to watch it as spoiler-free as possible. Am kinda glad that neither of J2 live-tweeted (thought I was also hoping they would-- it's been sooooooooooo long--) as I can NEVER resist reading their tweets and reactions and comments. ETA: Oh darn, J2 are tweeting a little bit, just 1 RT from Jared so far and 1 from Jensen and YEP, I couldn't resist looking at them. Stop tempting and torturing me, guys!!! ♥♥ My willpower/self control is nonexsistant today!! :-/

So I'm hoping the next 24 hours goes by supernaturally fast. In the meantime I have a shitload of house-work to do and a spnspringfling fic to write. Plus getting started on the first few Sam Reports. Plus other shows I CAN watch today like Big Bang Theory, Arrow and Chicago Fire. Oh and there is also Aussie Rules footy on TV this afternoon. So plenty to keep me occupied, right???
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