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Episode reaction: SPN 13x17

Holy Hell!!!!!! That was friggin' EPIC!!! 13 seasons in and this show can still scare the absolute shit out of me!!! The monster was the scariest MOTW they've had in years!!!

Loved it so much, esp all the Sam & Dean stuff, and how they can still mix t
he humour (the post-it notes and comments about Sam's kale salad) with the gutwrenching angst of the brothers when one is in danger but that ending blew me away. WTF????? Did not see them opening the rift with still 6 eps to go.
Poor Sam looked so devastated and hurt.  Just wanted to hug him! Hope Dean's decision to go without Sam doesn't backfire on them. We all know bad things, really bad things happen when the boys are separated.

As much as I dislike Dean for making Sam stay behind, I do understand his reasoning. But...... they do know someone else who has been to the AU. Why didn't they call Cas to watch Gabriel and be back-up. Problem solved. :-)

Awesome to see more of Gabriel. Was heartbreaking to see him so afraid and broken. Just hope Ketch is being honest with the boys and doesn't end up betraying them.

Have finally found a character I despise more than Metatron and that's Asmodeus. He makes my skin crawl. I still think he's too much of a caricature and way over the top villain. Will be so glad when he dies!!! This is the one spoiler I would like to know!!! Makes me miss Crowley even more.

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