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Episode reaction: SPN 13x18

Thank Chuck, Asmodeus is dead and please, please please let him stay dead for ever and ever and ever!!!!! I have never hated a character more, not even Metatron and I hated him with a passion!! Maybe any King of Hell replacement so soon after losing Crowley (and Mark Sheppard) would have sucked ass but in every single scene Asmodeus was in he was completely OTT and almost unwatchable.

Was pretty crammed with lots of characters and different storylines but all of them were enjoyable to watch, the hell scenes even more so because Asmodeus is dead. Thank you, Gabriel!!!!

Ketch is continuing to grow on me, largely in part thanks to David. I like you, dude.

Love that Sam was eventually able to get through to Gabe. What an inspirational and amazing speech!! As usual, all the kudos to Jared for another awesome performance!!!

I know Dean is mightily pissed off right now but had Sam and Cas not used Gabriel's grace to heal him, then they would be dead.
Jensen knocked that end scene outta the park!! His barely held-in anger was simply frightening. Reminded me a lot of Dean towards the end of S10 when the Mark of Cain had taken hold and he found out Sam had lied about destroying the Book of the Damned. No wonder Sam and Cas were keeping their distance and silence. They both know Dean tends to resort to physical violence when he's angry.

I think (and hope) that Gabe will have a change of heart and decide to help the boys. He certainly has a soft spot for them despite his denial.

Totally unspoiled about AU!Charlie, so was nice surprise to see Felicia again. So much more exciting when returning past characters are kept secret.
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