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Oh my!!!!! Be still my beating heart!!! ♥♥♥

Just saw a gif on Twitter from the promo for next week's episode 13x19 and it's got my heart all aflutter and my meatsuit all kinds of dewey!!! It features a very fav kink of mine and I can't wait to see the full scene or (can I perhaps hope) more than 1 scene.

Wasn't intentionally looking for spoilers as I try to avoid them but kinda don't mind knowing that I have something really really awesome to look forward to in addition to a brand new episode. It's the same reaction of "Gimme, gimme right now damn it!!!" as when I saw the Soulless Sam shirtless workout scene pics way, way back in season 6.

And yet, as I still want to stay as spoiler-free as possible, I don't have any urge to watch the full promo. Just knowing those few awesome looking seconds are in it makes me as happy as happy can be.

PS: Please, please don't spoil me for anything else that's in the promo or even if there is more of that scene shown apart from the gif footage. I REALLY REALLY don't wanna know.

Tags: gifs, jared padalecki, love me some kink, so very pretty, so very wrong but i don't care, soulless sam, spn 1319, spoilers
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