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Damn it Twitter I hate you right now!!!!

And I love you as well  ♥♥♥

And this is the reason why.............

Source: @sammyanddee

I really really do wanna stay spoiler-free but damn it with pics like this it is so fucking hard!!! At least on LJ there are spoiler-cuts and BIG BIG THANK YOU's to everyone on my wonderful F*list who use them. I ♥ y'all!!! But Twitter is just right there in my face with ALL the spoilers (from promos to pics and gifs and casting news and returning cast & characters) as I scroll through my timeline. And it's got so much other NON-SPOILERY good stuff that I don't want to have to stay off it. :-(
Tags: jared is perfection, sam winchester, sam!girls are the best!!!!, so very pretty, spn 1319, twitter
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