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Episode reaction: SPN 13x21

My reaction was and is and will forever be pretty much:
OMG WTF Holy Shit!!!

Oh, that freaking cliffhanger!!! The next 7 days is going to be pure torture.

Loved Sam's expression at seeing Gabe & Rowena post sex!!! The absolute horror!!! Some things cannot be unseen. :-)

Loved all the ApocWorld scenes. That trip through the tunnel was terrifying. Haven't been so scared in years!!!

And Sammy being attacked!! Being killed!!! His body dragged off into the dark tunnel!! Was just screaming NO NO NO over and over and sobbing. I knew he couldn't stay dead but had no idea how he would be brought back. Thought maybe Jack would revive him. Never in a million years did I think it would be Lucifer and the price he would demand of Sam. I have never hated Lucifer more.

Sam being in debt to his torturer is just wrong on so many levels. I really really need to watch Sam kill him nice and slow and very very painfully and permanently.

And once again, Jared just broke my heart with his performance. He was quite simply brilliant in every single scene, every single shot. Joy, happiness, ruthlessness, fear, terror, pain, devastation, determination, leadership, assertiveness. Sheer perfection! ♥♥♥

In a word: EPIC!!!
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