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I have finally found place I can call home.....

and it's the Internet. I feel like it was designed just for us introverts. I can be at home by myself in my comfy recliner with my favourite snacks (Coles Original Crinkle Cut Chips) and drinks (Coke Zero over ice), still in my pj's at 4.45pm on a Saturday and still be in touch with so many friends. Just today, I've been having multiple & simultaneous FB chats with the most amazing people, two local, one who lives on the other side of the country in a different timezone and one on the other side of the planet!!! The freakin' planet, people!! That's just insane and not anything I could have possibly imagined growing up a world where the WWW just didn't exist. I just love that there is no pressure to reply straight away, no awkward silences. We can carry on our RL and adulting duties and just respond when we get a spare minute or two, picking up where we may have left off hours or even days ago. We don't have to announce meal breaks or going to bed or being busy at work.

Tracey, a wonderful lady and very dear friend about the fundraiser/finale watch party she's organising and I'm hosting in 2 weeks. She's so over the moon and excited about this event, has gone to so much trouble getting items to be auctioned off or giving away as prizes. Fan art by some really awesome and successful artists and
con photographers who are only too happy to donate and have the proceeds going to a couple of charities, Random Acts and Beyond Blue (a Mental Health and Depression support group). Hope we get a good turnout and it's a really fun-filled day ending with what is sure to be a heartbreaking, cliffhanger of a season finale.

Melissa, another local friend who I've only met once in RL even though we live in the same city. We met at a local con early last year, waiting in line for the doors to open and she commented on my AKF shirt I was wearing. Yes, she's an SPN fan too. It was an instant connection. We chat and squee about the latest episode every week (always checking first to see if we have both seen it as neither of us wants to spoil the other). We also follow the same AFL footy team and will chat while watching the game on tv (which we are doing while I type this!! Yay!! We won!!) Am hoping we can both get a free day one weekend and catch up, even if it's just for coffee. She can't make it to the fundraiser due to work but I'm hoping she'll come to my 50th in December.

Kimberley, my absolute BFF who I love as much as I love Jared and Sam and that's a lot. We met back in 2010 at a Stargate Con in Sydney and hit it off straight away with so many things in common, (SPN, Farscape, really gorgeous guys. She's a Jensen/Dean girl but I still luvs her despite that flaw. LOL She did fall in love with Jared last year at the con, so it does show she has good taste after all :-) She lives in northern New South Wales and I'm in south western Western Australia, so pretty much as far apart as you can get and still be in the same country. We've been to a few cons together, AHBL6 in '15 and last year's AHBL8. She was my rock when depression hit me when Jared cancelled, her support and love and understanding getting me through that terrible week when I seriously considered not going but went anyways just to see her again-- it had been 5 years between RL meet-ups -- and ended up having the best time.
Am devastated that I've had to cancel my con trip next month as I was really, really looking forward to staying with her and her family for a few days and hanging out and her showing me her neck of the woods. But when chatting today, it turns out that she might be able to fly over for my birthday which I didn't think she would be able to manage, given she's got 4 kids and a busy work-life. It would be the best present ever to celebrate this big milestone with her so I'm really hoping she can make it.

And valerie_inlove. She's in Canada, so the extreme timezone difference usually means it's the middle of the night for her and daytime/work time for me, so we don't tend to chat for too long. We both are madly in love with Jared and Sam so there's always something to chat about or a new pic to drool over or episode to discuss.
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