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SPNUKCon: J2 & J2M panel vids

Spoiler warning!!! Jensen does mention a couple of things about 13x22 and 13x23

there will be a bro hug in Ep 22. J2 weren't sure one was needed but worked out a rather unique way to do it.
Ep 23 ends with a massively big cliffhanger!! Shocker, I know!! LOL :-)
Jensen was really put through the wringer physically when filming 23.

J2 Saturday panel:

J2 Sunday Gold panel:
(will insert when it's available)

The J2M panel on Sunday afternoon was basically an hour long strip show with bonus eye-fucking and Smirnoff guzzling. Absolutely hilarious!!! LOL ♥♥♥
J2M part 1:

J2M part 2:
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