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A series finale prediction

And no, this is not in regards to Supernatural, but one of my other favourite shows, House. Yes I do watch shows other than Supernatural. :-)

The last few eps of House, certainly since they started the 'Wilson cancer arc' have really blown me away. Unlike a lot of my RL friends who gave up/lost interest when Cuddy left, I've kept watching and kept loving the show. My favourite character has always been House himself, so as long as he stayed I was hanging on for the ride. And I ship House/Wilson in the same way I shipped Alan/Denny on Boston Legal as two guys who had more than just a deep and abiding friendship that is definitely love, even if there is no sex.

Okay onto 821 'Holding On' : Finally, House is going to really experience the consequences of his actions in possibly the most heartbreaking way. His thoughtless 'prank' of disposing of the tickets down the toilet is going to cost him the last few months he will have with his best friend. I was surprised that it was the vandelism that screwed things up. Had thought for sure that almost strangling his patient to death would have been the cause of his parole being provoked. 

Even after 8 years, House still manages to screw with us all. I was totally believing that he really had filled the cafeteria with all of Wilson's surviving patients. I had tears rolling down my face the whole time. Should have know better. He did, after all, hire an actor to pretend to be the son Wilson never knew he had. House was just so convincing and sincere this time round that I believed he had changed and was doing something incredibly nice for his friend rather than trying to manipulate him into agreeing to more chemo.

So my completely, totally unspoiled prediction  for the series finale is that House is going to go AWOL and more than likely take Wilson along for the ride, perhaps even drugging him like he did in this ep to give hm chemo. I think House would be ok with serving the remaining 6 months (and any extra for running) but only after Wilson is gone.

Am also wondering if Wilson may decide to do the chemo in the hope of living more than 6 months, thereby giving House the time to serve his sentence and then spend the final weeks/ months Wilson has left together.

Am so looking forward to next week's series finale House even at the same time I'm really sad that it will be the LAST EPISODE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!. I just know it's going to be both awesome and heartbreaking and I'll be laughing and crying and cheering House on and screaming and cursing at him too, because that's what House has been like for me for the past 8 years.

And then I'm going to do a full 8 season re-watch because even though the show will be over, I know I won't be ready to say goodbye for a long, long time.

PS: PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT POST ANY HOUSE SPOILERS IN COMMENTS.  I really want to see the series finale as unspoiled as possible.
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