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OMG, my big bang is having babies

........... and grandbabies too!!!!

The fic I started, and still haven't finished, way back in late January (The Way You Hurt Me) for spn_j2_bigbang spawned an out-take which I later decided would make a good mini BB (5000-15000 words) for spn_hardcore_bb . Well that mini, which is now a verse titled Secrets, But No Lies quickly grew up into yet another full size BB (Four Words) and gave birth to another little ficlet (Two Masters) that I thought detracted too much from the main story seeing as it's John/OMC and that OMC with 2 other OMCs but was way to good (and to much fun to write) to delete.

It all came from doing what I thought would be a fairly short section of John Winchester POV during Four Words , but the stubborn bastard wouldn't shut the hell up and so Two Masters and yet another flashback (One True Vessel) was born, this one from wondering what if Sam's visions started when he was only 5 and he saw not just hours or days into the future but decades, basically seeing everything that would happen to grown-up Sam in seasons 4 and 5. Of course, he won't be allowed to keep these memories but before they are erased he tells John who would do anything to forget he ever heard them.

So sort of like Dean put Azazel on Mary's path in "In The Beginning" by telling a possessed Samuel what would hapen to Mary, 5 yo Sam basically gives John all the information that would later cause John to tell Dean, "If you can't save Sam, you'll have to kill him."

So to clarify:
The Way You Hurt Me ---- SPN J2 Big Bang ; planning to have this one finished in time for 2013

Hardcore 'Verse: Secrets, But No Lies
Fic #1: Four Words ---- SPN Hardcore Big Bang
Fic #2: Two Masters ---- SPN Hardcore Mini Bang
Fic #3: One True Vessel ----- will be posted prior to Hardcore BB, if it doesn't grow into yet another mini BB itself. LOL

All of these fics have just been exploding out of my brain, taking me down twisting back-roads and crazy side-trails in directions that I could never have imagined. I've tried fighting them and gagging John (as he's been the biggest culprit of veering me off course) but I've now given up control of the steering wheel and am just going along for the ride and what an amazing, sexy, kinky ride it's turning out to be.
Tags: 2012 big bang, bb: spn-hardcore, bb: spn-j2, character: dean winchester, character: john winchester, character: sam winchester, fic spoilers, pairing: john/omc, pairing: sam/dean, spn fic, wtf was i thinking
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