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Waiting to be claimed is scary!!!!

I thought pushing the send button on my email programme to submit the first draft of my mini spn_hardcore_bb was scary but it turns out that was nothing compared to waiting for some lovely artist to claim my fic. Find myself checking the comm every couple of hours to see if my fic has been claimed but no such luck yet. Am kinda glad that there are still a couple of other mini's and big bangs awaiting adoption otherwise I might feel like a complete loser. Brings back too many not-so-pleasant memories of usually being picked last for sports teams.

Speaking of my fic, I guess this would be a good time to put the call out for a beta reader or two. Not really after spelling & grammar, more in need of someone to kick my ass and tell me with brutal honesty what (if anything) works and what sucks. So far it's at 19 word pages (8500 words) and (cross fingers) about 3/4 done. It will probably reach 10-12,000 words.

It's an underage Dean/Sam fic from John's POV. There is very strong and explicit John/Sam UST and features Sam & Dean at ages 8 & 12 (Sam/Dean) and Sam aged 5 for the John/Sam.  John is in love with Sam with the hope of them becoming lovers when Sam is older. He kisses and touches 5yo Sam in a sensual way, but everything takes place above the waist. There is 1 scene where John and Sam are sleeping naked in a bed but again there is no sexual contact.

The Dean/Sam parts feature lots of kissing and touching and nudity, possibly Dean giving Sam a handjob that may lead to Sam returning the favour but that will be as sexual as things get between the boys.

The basic premise of the fic (which is an out-take from a much longer story in which the Amulet Sam gives Dean in SPN Christmas immediately binds them as sub and Dom, so there are sections featuring the D/s relationship between the brothers) is that Sam had a vision when he was 5 yo detailing the events concerning the YED, Lucifer and his destiny as Lucifer's vessel. He pretty much 'sees' everything that happens to him and those around him up to being possessed by Lucifer in Swan Song. Michael!John from 513 shows up to wipe Sam's memory so that destiny will be fullfilled and has an interesting encounter with 1988John.

There is also some brief mentions of John/OMC and a short John/Mary scene.

If this sounds at all interesting and you're not squeaked by the underage stuff ( I know it won't be everyone's kink) or any of the pairings and you'd like to help me out, please leave a comment below or PM me. Posting isn't til September but I'd like to get it completed within the next couple of weeks if possible.

Tags: bb: spn-hardcore, character: dean winchester, character: john winchester, character: lucifer, character: sam winchester, pairing: john/sam, pairing: sam/dean, plea for beta, spn fic
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