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Mixed thoughts ahead.....

Not sure how I really feel about the latest ep. I mean I did like it a lot but maybe I'm still on a buzz that hellatus is over and our boys are back. It took me a long time to get my head around the case and who was doing the killing and why.

[SPN 8:03]

I was hoping/expecting for a lot more Sam related flashbacks. Was really hoping that TPTB would/will devote equal time and effort to both Dean and Sam's past year in flashback, and yeah it is only ep 3 but I already feel that the Sam reveals aren't going to be as 'meaty' & explanatory as the ones we've had for Dean so far. I know it's not a competition but I can see fandom comparing every flashback we get for length, quality and the type of information revealed about each of the boys. So far, we've gotten so much more info about Dean than we have for Sam and as a Samgirl that's making me a little jealous/annoyed. 1 little 45 second flashback right at the end of the ep that really didn't reveal much is way too little, IMO.

I was hoping we'd see something from right after Sam and Amelia met. I still want to know what drew Sam to her when she was such a bitch (IMO) to him in the season premiere, but I guess we're only going to get dripped-fed tiny amounts of story as the season progresses. Being so intrigued about Sam's past year, I guess I just want all the answers right now.

I still love and always will love Dean, but I'm finding it a little hard to really like him at the moment. He is totally dismissive of Sam's feelings and desire for a normal life outside of hunting. The vibe I get is that it's Dean's way (hunting non-stop 24/7) only. Anything else is to be ridiculed. I am glad that Sam isn't backing down on expressing what he wants and just stepping into line behind Big Brother. This is something that Sam has wanted ever since high school, so it's not like Dean had no idea about Sam wanting a normal life. Heck he even encouraged Sam to get out way back in Season 1 (Shadow, I think was the ep)

Things I did love: Sam being a fanboy and geeking out over the QB. It's really nice to finally find out someone Sam looked up to and idolised as a teenager who wasn't Dean.
Another Thor reference!!!!! I still want to believe that Thor's Hammer is in the Impala's trunk and we'll see it wielded by Sam in future eps.
Sam tearing up after the flashback. He's still so sad and depressed and I just want to reach into the screen and give him a big hug. And though I know it's probably not going to happen, I'd like to see Dean be more supportive of Sam's feelings even if he doesn't agree with them. There were times when I wanted to punch Dean for being so pig-headed.
Sam eating that apple and visibly enjoying it. Dean's love of food is second only to his love for Baby, so it's nice to see Sam eating for pleasure and getting to enjoy the good things.
Love the 'there's no such thing as too much fibre' convo and Sam's look at Dean and his 'Thankyou/ See' exchange.
Dean's glee at getting the translation app. It's nice to see that the simple things can still bring a smile to Dean's face.

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