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That was ummmmm ..... not quite sure what that was!

Not much to say about 8:04 aside from:

[SPN 804]
#1 the fact that Ghostfacers is STILL my least favourite episode of Supernatural. This one is probably in my bottom 5, though. It may improve a bit on rewatch and reading other fans reactions/thoughts but, I'm thinking not much. Still out of over 150 episodes there are bound to be some clunkers and even the worse of SPN is still a lot better than some other shows.

#2 way, way too little Sam and Dean though I did really enjoy every little scrap that we did get. Esp this early in the season when we still know so very little about Sam and Dean's year apart and fandom is screaming for answers to explain why Sam and Dean are acting like they are and so it sucked that we spent a whole ep on outside characters that we will never see again. I may have liked it more if it was shown later in the season.

#3 More than once, I was wondering if Sam and Dean were as bored as I was watching the vid and tempted to fast-forwarded through a lot of the non Sam'n'Dean scenes.

#4 Would have loved to see Sam and Dean's reaction to the couple of office bromance mentions. Instead we get Dean zeroing on the "Do we really say awesome" bit.

#5 Not really on board with them letting Kate go at the end. Dean was more than willing to kill the ruguru back in season 4 on the likely chance it would kill a human, but here he's okay with giving Kate a chance to only kill anything "not human"? Which means at least 1 human will have to die or be seriously injured before they'll take Kate out. Just doesn't seem to gel with how they handled the whole Amy thing from last season.

#6 We see that Dean is still having to convince Sam to hunt, which is a nice bit of continuity.

Oh well, as Robert Singer in "The French Mistake" was so fond of saying.... "Season 8, moving on."

Even without watching the promo, from vibes and hints I've picked up looks like next week's episode is going to be Dean-heavy/Sam-lite. Am dying to get more Sam flashbacks but guess I'm going to have wait a bit longer. Sometimes it's really hard being a Sam!girl. I love Dean and seeing him be all BAMF in purgatory but at this point I'm way more interested in finding out lots more about Sam and Amelia and how they hooked up and why they broke up. I was hoping we would be getting pretty much equal story-time spent on both brothers.

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