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Big Bang breakthrough....

I have finally got my opening line and I loves it beyond words!!!!! And I finally have a clear image in my head as to what happens in the prologue to get Sam to where I need him to be for the majority of the story. I've been stressing about this damn start for weeks, beginning countless scenes only to delete them all as being utter crap.

I wrote my BB's last line (and most of the epilogue) late last week and I love that one just as much.

Now I just have to re-write and edit the 50-odd-,0000 words in between into something resembling a coherent, interesting story and my first spn_j2_bigbang will be ready.

I'm using a story I started over 10 years but never finished. It will need a fairly substantial re-write to get it heading in the direction I want it to go, but I should still be able to use about 80% of what I've already written, just with some minor character changes. It's amazing how well the general premise is fitting in with the SPN universe. Plus with a minimum 20,000 words needed for the BB, I have over 30,000 extra words to play around with so am unafraid of using the delete button when needed.

So full outline has been completed. I know pretty much what happens to who and when and how and why. I know who lives and who dies and who kills them!!

Wish me luck, f-listies cos I'm certainly gonna need it.

ETA: If anyone is interestered in cheerleading me along or doing some form of beta, let me know in comments or PM.
Tags: bb: spn-j2 2013, sam winchester, spn fic
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