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Big Bang artist draft done!!!!

Wow, worked my butt off for 12 hours straight and stayed up until 2am the other morning (when I had a 5.30am start at work) but I sent the 58,000 word draft to my artist vamptastica so she can weave her magic. Hope you are getting lots of inspiration from my ramblings.

Have seen other spn_j2_bigbang 'ers posting their summaries and would love to do the same but I have no summary to post. It's usually the last thing I write when I know everything that is going to happen to everyone and can decide what clues I want to reveal. So here's the header info & summary I included for the artisits claim.  It will change for final posting but it's a start, I guess.

 Holding Out For A Hero
Story rating. NC-17
Pairing: Slash/Wincest (Sam/Dean, Sam/OMC) with a bit of het (Sam/Jess & possibly  definitely Sam/Ruby2.0 )
Summary: Two months after Dean goes to Hell and just after Ruby starts feeding him her blood, Sam is ambushed by some hunters set on revenging Gordon’s death. They also mistakenly think he is some sort of vampire. He is transported via a magical ritual to another time (think pre-industrial/medieval sort of world—no electricity, cars, complex machines, guns) by a young male slave who has been raised to believe Sam is the The Last Hunter mentioned in an ancient prophecy and that Sam will defeat the Dark Ones (demons) and free the slave’s people. The ritual goes wrong and Sam ends up a long way from the slave who summoned him. Sam and the slave were connected via visions through Dean’s Amulet which Sam now wears with the slave wearing an identical one. However Sam loses the Amulet soon after arriving, severing the connection and leaving his whereabouts unknown.
Warnings/Enticements : Very Sam-centric. Dean appears very briefly, but he is mentioned and thought about by Sam frequently throughout the fic. There is graphic non-con m/m sex scenes and dub-con het sex scenes and lots of graphic Sam-whumping (slavery, rape, whipping, branding).

Tags: bb: spn-j2 2013, fanfic, holding out for a hero, spn fic
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